EVERSPACE 2 Update Shows Planetary Locations, Ship Devices & Device Modes

The ROCKFISH Games team continues to work from their home offices on EVERSPACE™ 2, which is scheduled to launch early access on Steam in December 2020. In addition to insights into the game world, which has been significantly expanded compared to its predecessor, the Hamburg-based team is giving the EVERSPACE community a first taste of planet areas, as well […]

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French Destroyers sighted! Major update brings new ship line in Early Access to World of Warships

Developer and publisher Wargaming has launched the new major update 0.8.6. for its popular naval combat game World of Warships. The update gives players the opportunity to unlock the upcoming French Destroyers early through new directives and missions. The first update of the French arc also comes with a brand new map and new seasons of […]

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Dual Universe

Dual Universe Backers Invited To Partake In Exclusive Ship Building Contest During Extended Test Sessions Over the holidays

Novaquark, the French studio behind the hugely-ambitious PC MMORPG, today announced that, since successfully launching into the alpha phase of development, and by way of thanking Kickstarter backers and community members, it will be extending current testing for a one-off extended session, starting from Thursday 20th December and ending on Monday 7th January 2019. During […]

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