Clive ‘N’ Wrench takes 3D platformer fans to whole new worlds as a Nintendo Switch console exclusive this winter

Hop into a 1950s fridge and travel through time and space in Clive ‘N’ Wrench, a brand-new 3D platformer from Dinosaur Bytes Studio, published by Numskull Games! Inspired by genre classics like Spyro the Dragon and Jak & Daxter, Clive ‘N’ Wrench has its titular rabbit and monkey duo jump, roll, hover, and spin their […]

Don’t turn your nose up at challenging platformer ‘Hayfever’, launching February 25th

Developer Pixadome and Zordix Publishing are excited to announce that Hayfever is on its way to your digital doorstep February 25th on PC via Steam (with a 15% launch discount), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The new announcement date trailer below features some bizarrely useful new allergies and menacing seasonal boss fights. Postman Thomas sneezes onto PC, […]

Online Multiplayer Now Available in Cooperative Puzzle Platformer Degrees of Separation

Indie publishing label Modus Games today announced that Degrees of Separation will expand its current multiplayer offering to include online functionality on all platforms via a free update for all users. Players will be able to take their existing save files online to play with friends, and progress earned through cooperative play […]

Night Lights PC Strategy platformer

Night Lights, a PC strategy platformer by indie developer Meridian4 is available for purchase from Steam. In Night Lights you take on the role of a tiny robot and manipulate light and darkness to solve intricate puzzles. During its demo stage, it was picked up and played by famous YouTube personalities Markiplier and jacksepticeye who praised it for its […]

Fuel your jetpacks! Jet Kave Adventure – an action-packed Nintendo Switch exclusive 2.5D platformer has just launched on the console!

Return to a time when seashells were the only currency and all you could rely on were your muscles and primitively crafted weapons. And, of course, your new-found jetpack! Fight a variety of prehistoric beasts and bosses; soar across pitfalls, smash through rocky walls, and experience awesome set-pieces and clever […]

Taimumari: Complete Edition is a new retro-style platformer for Nintendo Switch

 Taimumari: Complete Edition – a new retro-style platformer for Nintendo Switch by Victory Road and TERNOX has just been released. Inspired by the warmest memories from the games of our childhood, Taimumari gives the player control of Himari a young female wizard who is on a quest to restore balance […]

Haxor – a Commodore 64 inspired platformer – continues to develop content updates after great press reviews

Haxor, an indie action platformer, brings back the Commodore 64 vibe of old to Steam. Climou, the two-manned studio behind the game, with help of the publisher Fat Dog Games, did an amazing job catching old school atmosphere and fusing it with polished and well-designed gameplay elements of today. It’s a […]

Play as a Raving Dance Cube in Vectronom, a Rhythm-based platformer on May 29 (Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac)

Publisher and co-producer ARTE along with developer Ludopium are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Vectronom, a Rhythm-based platformer 3D  on Steam (PC, Mac) and Nintendo SwitchTM for May 29. Vectronom, a Rhythm-based platformer Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac Join 1,804 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe In Vectronom, players synchronize the movements of a […]