Japan-based software developer tri-Ace today announced that its remastered classic tactical gunplay role-playing game Resonance of Fate in 4K HD PS4 is available today

Tri-Ace’s Gun-Slinging RPG Classic Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition Part of PlayStation Spring Sale

Japan-based software developer tri-Ace today announced that its remastered Gun-Slinging RPG Classic game Resonance of Fate in 4K HD PS4 is available today at a discounted price as part of the PlayStation Spring Sale. Additionally, the PC version is available at a limited time discount on Steam. Resonance of Fate RPG Classic PlayStation Spring Sale Set in the distant future […]

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The epic space RPG, Star Control®: Origins, is due to receive the second part of its 4 part expansion, Earth Rising, soon. Return of the Lexites presents

Star Control: Origins – Earth Rising part 2 brings humanity face to face with the technological singularity

The epic space RPG, Star Control: Origins, is due to receive the second part of its 4 part expansion, Earth Rising, soon. Return of the Lexites presents the player with their most dangerous challenge yet – a post-singularity species whose motives are a mystery. The Lexites are impeding Earth’s efforts to expand into known space. But why? Playing as […]

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March 8th, 2019 – PQube and developer Fiction Factory Games announce their presence at PAX East and the Indie MEGABOOTH with a new trailer for Arcade Spirits!

Arcade Spirits gets new trailer and will be part of Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East

March 8th, 2019 – PQube and developer Fiction Factory Games announce their presence at PAX East and the Indie MEGABOOTH with a new trailer for Arcade Spirits! The predominantly positive feedback from both players and press is a heartwarming confirmation, that there is a demand for games with an inclusive nature. If you would like to visit the developers at PAX East, you can find […]

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