We do NOT recommend installing Linux Kodachi permanently on any PC as it will save all your settings on the hard drive which defeats the main purpose of being an anti forensic OS to know more about forensic please click here Kodachi is a Debian-based live DVD/USB operating system which means that all packages are based on pure Debian repository. Kodachi is open source project under Apache License 2.0 and above all codes used on the system are in plain text bash scripts and included with the ISO package no compiled binaries no hidden Kodachi code is available in GitHub. We pay monthly rent to own VPS nodes and utilize them for VPN which is provided to you, we do not collect ANY data or store ANY information that belongs to the user except the hardware ID (hash) and connected IP address that has to be sent automatricly when your PC establishes a connection to the VPN. This information will only be used If you misuse the bandwidth or we receive a complain of hosting torrent files from your IP address. If that is the case you will be banned permanently Kodachi is provided for anonymous surfing and not for heavy daily file and movies download. If you think you have been banned by mistake please send us your Hardware-ID via contact us form and yes you can use your own VPN then no HWID will be sent to us :). Kodachi is free and will always be but in order to keep it free we would appreciate your support please contact us here if you intend to fund the project .

Linux Kodachi 4.0 Release

KodachiĀ  Version 4.0, based on Debian 9.5 Xfce, Linux kernel 4.9. Added MenuLibre, GNOME Commander, Coyim Ring, OpenShot, Icedove Atom; added rkhunter, Steghide, GNOME Nettool, GResolver, SiriKali, Deny hosts signal; added NVIDIA Detect, Florence, i2p, zuluCrypt, zuluMount, Onion Circuits, Onion Share, GNUnet; added Cloudflare DNS over TLS via DNScrypt; public IP resolver; Firefox plugins; support […]

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