Galactic Civilizations III – Villains of Star Control: Origins­ DLC Releases Today

Stardock released the new Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC for its massive sandbox space 4X strategy game, Galactic Civilizations® III. The DLC adds 4 brand new playable factions from Star Control: Origins into Galactic Civilizations III, complete with their own leaders, theme music, ship parts, and more Some features that players can look forward to in Galactic Civilizations III – Villains of […]

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Auroch Digital is looking for people to play their upcoming mission control space agency simulation game on the 50th anniversary of the moon landings.

 Auroch Digital are looking for people to take part in a free Alpha Weekend (19th – 21st July) for their upcoming game Mars Horizon. Just in time to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landings! This unique mission control turn-based simulation game takes an authentic look at the journey to Mars as you manage […]

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GRID Autosport will be available from the Nintendo eShop this summer.

Control options revealed for GRID Autosport on Nintendo Switch

GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch will feature a wide range of control options to let players perform at their best: Classic Buttons — Steer, accelerate and brake with buttons.  Classic Combo — Steer with an analogue stick. Accelerate and brake with buttons. Classic Analogue — Steer, accelerate and brake with analogue sticks. Tilt Steer — Tilt your console to steer. Accelerate and […]

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The epic space RPG, Star Control®: Origins, is due to receive the second part of its 4 part expansion, Earth Rising, soon. Return of the Lexites presents

Star Control: Origins – Earth Rising part 2 brings humanity face to face with the technological singularity

The epic space RPG, Star Control: Origins, is due to receive the second part of its 4 part expansion, Earth Rising, soon. Return of the Lexites presents the player with their most dangerous challenge yet – a post-singularity species whose motives are a mystery. The Lexites are impeding Earth’s efforts to expand into known space. But why? Playing as […]

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Microsoft quietly testing a project ZDNet journalist Mary Jo Foley then found what looked like the Bali website. The site reportedly required a code

Microsoft is quietly testing a project that aims to hand people complete control over their online data

Microsoft is discreetly taking a shot at a task codenamed “Bali,” which could give clients considerably more power over their own information. Bali was first spotted by a Twitter client, and columnists at that point found what resembled the venture’s site. The site portrayed Bali as “another individual information bank which places clients responsible for […]

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