Conan Chop Chop to hit the shop in Q2 2020On PC, PS4, XB1 and Switch: 1-4 player game Conan Chop Chop promises to be the most realistic stick-figure game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian.

The developers have been given more time to ensure both Chops are in place in the upcoming hack and slash rogue-lite Conan Chop Chop. OSLO, Norway – Feb 12th, 2020 – With all the elements of a hack and slash rogue-lite for 1-4 players being packed into one game, it’s no wonder […]

Conan Exiles Introduces Mounts and Mounted Combat

tarting today, Conan Exiles players will be able to capture foals, train them into valiant steeds and ride them into battle, as Funcom introduces one of the most sought-after features since launch. CHAAARGE! Conan Exiles introduces mounts, drastically changing your experience in The Exiled Lands. DOWNLOAD THE BRAND-NEW VIDEO AND KEY […]