BackBox Linux 6 released! 5

BackBox Linux 6 released!

BackBox Linux is a Ubuntu-based appropriation created to perform infiltration tests and security evaluations. It is intended to be quick and simple to utilize and includes the Xfce work area condition. announce the new major release of BackBox Linux, the version 6. Join 1,798 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe The venture’s most recent discharge is […]

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FreeBSD 11.3-BETA3 Release 6

FreeBSD 11.3-BETA3 Release

declared the accessibility of the third, and last, beta form of FreeBSD 11.3: “The third BETA form of the 11.3-RELEASE discharge cycle is currently accessible. A rundown of changes since 11.3-BETA2 incorporates: support for the IPV6_NEXTHOP alternative has been reestablished; alerts for IPsec calculations belittled in RFC 8221 have been included; a fix for FC-Tape […]

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IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 132 released 8

IPFire 2.23 – Core Update 132 released

The next version of IPFire is ready: IPFire 2.23 – Core Update 132. This update contains various security fixes and improvements to secure systems that are vulnerable to recently-published problems in Intel processors. Intel Vulnerabilities: RIDL, Fallout & ZombieLoad Join 1,798 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe Two new types of vulnerabilities [1] have been found […]

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Announcing NetBSD 8.1 10

Announcing NetBSD 8.1

The NetBSD Project is pleased to announce NetBSD 8.1, the first update of the NetBSD 8 release branch. It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed important for security or stability reasons, as well as new features and enhancements. Some highlights of the NetBSD 8.1 release Join 1,798 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe x86: Mitigation […]

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4MLinux 29.0 STABLE released 12

4MLinux 29.0 STABLE released

The status of the‭ ‬4MLinux‭ ‬29.0‭ ‬series has been changed to STABLE.‭ ‬Edit your documents with LibreOffice‭ ‬‭ ‬and GNOME Office‭ (‬AbiWord‭ ‬3.0.2,‭ ‬GIMP‭ ‬2.10.10,‭ ‬Gnumeric‭ ‬1.12.44‭)‬, release of 4MLinux 29.0, a new stable version of the project’s independently-developed distribution for desktop Join 1,798 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe share your files using DropBox‭ ‬73.4.118,‭ […]

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Mageia 7 RC released 13

Mageia 7 RC released

announcing what will hopefully be the last release before Mageia 7 is final. We all hope that this release builds on the quality of the previous beta releases.The release process so far has been smooth so we all hope that there are no new release critical bugs found here and that we can get Mageia […]

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FreeBSD 11.3-BETA2 14

FreeBSD 11.3-BETA2

FreeBSD BETA2 build of the 11.3-RELEASE release cycle is now available. Installation images are available for: o 11.3-BETA2 amd64 GENERIC o 11.3-BETA2 i386 GENERIC o 11.3-BETA2 powerpc GENERIC o 11.3-BETA2 powerpc64 GENERIC64 o 11.3-BETA2 sparc64 GENERIC o 11.3-BETA2 armv6 BANANAPI o 11.3-BETA2 armv6 BEAGLEBONE o 11.3-BETA2 armv6 CUBIEBOARD o 11.3-BETA2 armv6 CUBIEBOARD2 o 11.3-BETA2 armv6 […]

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