‘Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection’ Releasing Physically Later This Year

Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection – two critically acclaimed monster-catching games, is being released as a bundle for the first time on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this year!

  • The best of both games: Experience both games together from the same launcher
  • Build your ultimate team! Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon in the base game, and 380 in Nexomon Extinction
  • Choose your starter Nexomon: 7 unique creatures to choose from in Nexomon and 9 in Nexomon: Extinction.
  • Deep & engaging turn-based battle system
  • Embark on an epic journey and explore 10 vibrant regions in the NexoWorld

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‘Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection’ Announcement Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CNPi6HR_q4 

From unknown sources, we have heard that there have been some new Nexomon spotted in the wild. Keep an eye out for these new, extremely rare Nexomon in Nexomon’s upcoming post-game content – which will be included in Nexomon Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection’!




Rogue-Lite Shooter ‘Die After Sunset’ Releases Its Second Early Access Update!As of right now, gamers can enjoy an entirely new way to play with a brand-new character. ‘Hune’ is the third character players can choose to battle against the Murkor hordes!

Hune was a brilliant young scientist who, despite her age, proved to be a true genius of technology and genetic engineering. To try and bolster their research, the Murkors kidnapped and forced her to work for them. When she wouldn’t comply, Hune became the research object. The Murkors experimented on her body, building her to be a weapon to fight the humans. This quickly became their biggest regret, when Hune finally broke free and took her revenge…

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The Final Level – New Missions – New Murkor – Fixes – Item Balancing

 In June, you’ll go head-to-head with NegaMurk…
The alien creature that is responsible for the attack on Earth. Take on the game’s final boss in a brand new level that’ll test your skills to the limits. 
 To make matters worse, a brand new Murkor-type plagues the map. Luckily, you’ll have a new batch of missions to help power yourself up to help tackle this new infestation!