Smiling emoji’s adventure to save the computer world now begins.

Bounce Out of Control at a Single Touch!?


Officially Released on Steam Today(May 20)!

– The bumpy road awaits our protagonist 『Smilemo』!

– Available now (May 20) on Steam!

– 10% special discount offered until Thursday, May 26, 2022

The game publisher CFK announced that 『Smilemo』, the new original side-scrolling action game, has been officially released on Steam today (May 20).

● 『Smilemo』?

In this game, the player becomes the smiling emoji protagonist 「Smilemo」 who survived the fatal virus infection that swept the computer world. To cleanse the world of the virus, 「Smilemo」 must collect the scattered vaccine code as he runs and jumps to the goal of each stage.


The road ahead of 「Smilemo」 is occupied with enemies and obstacles that were created from the infection. 「Smilemo」 can run away from enemies or jump over dangerous traps, but in some cases he may have to wall jump or even dash through the air as the adventure becomes more challenging.

The virus has settled in the computer world in various forms such as thorns, buzz saws, and humanoids. The player must control 「Smilemo」 with care as these viruses are ready to bounce him all the way back at the slightest touch. To make a safe and successful trip, it is important not to bump into the virus, even by accident.

The player may be forced to go all the way back to the beginning with a mistake.

However, the stages are made to satisfy both beginners and challenge lovers alike, as the player can restart as many times as they need from checkpoints in each stage. There is no game over, so everyone can join in 「Smilemo」’s adventure to fight the virus in the computer world.

As 「Smilemo」 collects the scattered vaccine code, he may sometimes get ambushed by the 「Trojan Horse」 that tries to eat him alive. The player must carefully time their controls as they run from this gigantic eater, because one mistake could lead to deadly results for our protagonist.

『Smilemo』, the smiling emoji’s action-packed adventure in your computer world, is now (May 20) available on Steam. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a special 10% discount on your purchase. Offer ends on Thursday, May 26, 2022.