Blazing Griffin brings Murder Mystery Machine into the exciting world of Augmented Reality with Tilt Five

  • holographic gaming system that transforms tabletop and video games into vibrant holographic environments
  • the first AR game for Glasgow-based Blazing Griffin games developers  
  • AR brings players together for an unforgettable game night 
  • live Tilt Five demos were a huge success at Games Development Conference, 23-25 March

Glasgow 28th March, games developers Blazing Griffin announces the launch of their detective game Murder Mystery Machine on Tilt Five.  

Using the Tilt Five™ augmented reality (AR) glasses, Gameboard and Wand controller players can take their experience of playing Murder Mystery Machine to a whole new level of immersion.  Investigate crime scenes like real-world dioramas, peer around corners for hidden clues, and solve the game’s mysteries from a completely original point-of-view. See attached images and preview here:  Murder Mystery Machine on Tilt Five

Murder Mystery Machine is available for Tilt Five in store from Steam. New and existing owners of Murder Mystery Machine on Steam will now be able to access the Tilt Five version when launching the game through the Steam client.

Tilt Five’s focuses on the tabletop gaming market, combining digital gaming with the socially interactive aspect of tabletop board games. 

Speaking just at the Gamers Development Conference (About GDC) in San Francisco, USA, Justin Alae-Carew, Head of Games (Commercial), said – “We’re thrilled to bring Murder Mystery Machine to Tilt Five, a platform that is a perfect match for our diorama-based gameplay.  Our original concepts of our environments were mimicking physical, table-top models so it’s fantastic that through Tilt Five we’re able to bring to life the diorama’s in a way that matches our original vision for the game.”

Jeri Ellsworth, CEO, Tilt Five said –  “It has been an incredible journey that is made even better by the developers who took a chance on us and integrated their games with this bleeding edge technology.  We have created a community of developers who are helping us to refine holographic gameplay and make the best experiences possible.”  Tilt Five

About Murder Mystery Machine

Players are invited to join the District Crime Agency in this isometric, modern noir deduction thriller. Explore crime scenes in complex dioramas, organise evidence effectively, and blur the lines between right and wrong to present their case. Do you have what it takes to be a real detective?

Gather walls of evidence from crime scenes, interviews with suspects, and forensic results. It’s up to you to keep your workspace organised so you don’t miss anything, and cut through to the real who, what, and why.

A rich and immersive story inspired by film noir, written by film & TV professionals at BAFTA-winning production company Blazing Griffin. With complex characters and dark, pervasive settings, players can expect the unexpected as the scales of justice are tilted.

Full details: Murder Mystery Machine 

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