Plant Style 3D Tower Defense Game Crazy Plants Announces iOS Official Release


After the first Early Access release on May 10th, 2021 through Google Play Store, Crazy Plants warmly announces the new Early Access release in iOS Apple Store, which will soon be available on Feb, 24th, 2022.

Crazy Plants has become a big success because of its unique and dynamic 3D plant-style charming heroes who bundled in a 3D tower defense game. The game features real-time PVP and Co-Op as the main battle mode, where the players can create their own strategies in pairing up five heroes in one battle set to stop the monsters' invasion and gaining the buffs for each character at the same time.
 In PVP Battle mode, players are set up to have the battle with the opposite peers. They must survive with the most lives of heroes to be the winner and collect Trophies to gain rank points, competing to be the best player of the season. Meanwhile, Co-Op Battle lets players team up with their peers to attack the monsters together and reach the highest battle round.

In addition to the main battle mode, Random Arena is a special arena, where players must set up their own heroes with a limited random option for every slot in their deck to create a more challenging game experience. All players will have the chance to compete in seasonal rankings.

We would like to invite players to build up their own Plant Teams and to collect favorite characters!

Download Link:

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