Severed Steel ‘Campaign Update 3.0’ adds new levels, new weapons, new songs and more

Trailer showcases the shooter’s biggest update yet. Plus, game available with 33% discount on Steam this weekend

22 JANUARY, 2022 – The super stylish bullet-dodging and gravity-defying FPS Severed Steel has received another free update on PC, courtesy of developer Greylock Studio. Campaign Update 3.0, the shooter’s biggest update yet, includes 12 new levels (playable in Campaign and Firefight modes, and taking the total number of levels to 42), four new weapons (sawed-off shotgun, lever-action rifle, silenced pistol, silenced SMG), a new arm cannon (Meta Grenade), 16 new songs composed by Floating Door, new level editor features, and various balancing and optimization for existing levels, weapons, enemies and AI. Full patch notes for Campaign Update 3.0:
 To coincide with Campaign Update 3.0 going live,

Severed Steel is on sale with a 33% discount on Steam this weekend, starting Saturday, 22nd January, 10am PT, and running until Monday, 24th January, 10am PT.  Severed Steel ‘Campaign Update 3.0’ trailer:

Campaign Update 3.0 trailer:
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Campaign Update 3.0 marks the third major update for Severed Steel since the game launched on PC in 2021. Greylock Studio is already working on a fourth update, which is scheduled to release in March and will focus on further improving and expanding the game’s level editor. In addition to refining the level editor’s usability, the update will also allow users to make their own campaigns. Severed Steel is out now for PC and has a 93% positve user rating on Steam from almost a thousand reviews. It also recently received an ‘Honorable Mention’ for ‘Excellence in Audio’ as part of this year’s Independent Games Festival nominations. Console players will be able to enjoy Severed Steel later this year (Q3 2022) when it launches on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.