Zoom in for a closer look at the world of platform adventure Tinykin

Join developers Splashteam on a guided tour of this massive miniature landscape, coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox & Switch this Summer

SEATTLE, January 21st – Interstellar explorer Milo has a little problem. That is, his problem is being little. About an inch high, to be precise. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s stuck in the past (the 90s, if we’re being specific), and the local insect population has gone and discovered religion. He’s not sure if that last one is a problem yet, but it’s certainly weird.Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Tinykin, from publisher tinyBuild and developers Splashteam. Join co-directors Romain Claude and Marie Marquet on a whirlwind tour of its massive miniature environments in the dev vlog below for a first peek at what’s coming to PC and consoles this Summer.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YVlrPvssCI

Inspired by genre classics like Pikmin and Paper Mario, as well as 90s Saturday morning cartoons, Tinykin is a game about exploration first and foremost. Each room of the house that Milo finds himself trapped in is an enormous explorable space, with its own cultures, civilizations and problems to solve.Aided by a swarm of mysterious but helpful creatures named Tinykin, Milo employs their strength to move massive objects, build ladders to climb, and blast open new paths when subtlety fails to open new doors. Not that Milo is slacking off; he’s a platforming prodigy, able to cross huge gaps with his bubble-glider, and scoot around the house, surfing atop a bar of soap.

Want to see more of Milo and the strange world of Tinykin? Check out the previous developer video here, looking more at the game’s core gameplay and Milo’s tools. Preview builds will also be available soon for press. Request yours here or email the Media Contact below.