Pathless Woods is a sandbox survival game made by a Chinese couple

Developed by Aniya Games Studio and published by Gamera Game, the sandbox survival game Pathless Woods has officially posted its store page. This is a game made by a Chinese couple who have worked on the game for more than four years. In the latest trailer, you can find various gameplay contents including farming, exploration, management, battle, etc.

Pathless Woods Steam page


This is not the first announcement of Pathless Woods. Gamera Game has revealed the game with the debut trailer of the game on TGS2021 conference.

Here is an overview of Pathless Woods:

Pathless Woods is a world filled with mystery and danger, all in refreshing low poly style. You are the protagonist who have stumbled upon a mysterious sealed land by a twist of fate. An unknown fog is holding the local residents hostage here, with the mystic Ya’er  cult threatening everyone’s safety. Explore the world and collect resources to make items, while fending off various dangers to survive. Learn to work with the surroundings and various creatures, rally NPC allies to build your very own unique home, to finally unlock the ancient seal and free yourself.

With randomly-generated maps, every run is one-of-a-kind. Players can farm, build houses, explore the world and make weapons and traps to defend against foreign invasion.

To get the latest information of Pathless Woods, follow publisher @game_gamera on Twitter.