Bring the whole world together in the gorgeous metroidvania Islets

Announced for PC this weekend at INDIE Live Expo

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5 NOV 2021 – Today, developer Kyle Thompson and publisher Armor Games Studios have announced the stunning action-adventure game Islets for PC via Steam.

Launching in 2022, Islets is a lush metroidvania starring Iko, an aspiring warrior who sets out to explore a world filled with scattered floating islands. With hopes of connecting the disparate communities in the sky, Iko dreams of finally making a fragmented world whole again.

Players will explore the world of Islets in two ways: by navigating the open skies in Iko’s trusty but rickety plane, and by exploring dense island landscapes on foot. However, the journey won’t be simple, as just around every corner are unique and challenging enemies looking to put Iko’s skills to the test.

Players will need to use quick reflexes and a host of special abilities to help Iko tackle the creeping evil which tore the world apart and intends on keeping it that way.

Lovingly hand-painted and populated by a cast of quirky characters, enemies and bosses, Islets is a breathtaking adventure which will prove that even the littlest hero can forge the biggest change.

Islets, created by solo developer Kyle Thompson, will be shown off for PC this weekend during the INDIE Live Expo 2021. Thompson’s previous work includes the beautiful and highly-regarded metroidvania, Sheepo.

Kyle Thompson said: “Working together with Armor Games on Islets has been a perfect fit. They have been so helpful in guiding the game into the right direction and really understand the game’s vision.”

Islets is currently planned for release in 2022. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam.