Trick or Treat Your Way Across the Galaxy this Halloween For Awesome Rewards and Treasure!

Oct 28. This Halloween, our Hamsters have discovered a spooky orange planet on the far reaches of the universe! Get ready to hop into a rocket and visit this mysterious new world where tricks and treats go hand-in-hand and collect unique resources to assemble your own special Spaceship, Spacesuit, and Joystick!

Bust out your grabby claws and join a fleet of superintelligent spacefaring Hamsters in their adventures across the universe! Claw Stars combines the classic arcade claw machine game with a revolutionary gameplay experience and adorable collectibles. Rescue animals and restore habitats as you hop from planet to planet in search of treasures and relics left by civilizations past. Kidnap, block or hack your way while defending your own against others who are out to do the same to you!

A new planet has appeared on the radar, and the only way to get there is by collecting Mysterious Globes to get Rockets that can blast you there. Once on the Event Planet, collect unique Resources to assemble a unique Halloween Spaceship, Spacesuit and Joystick set. Look out for Rage Bombys that can’t wait to destroy your Spaceship and send you back home!

What’s Halloween without a little trick-or-treat? Pick up a Pumpkin and try your luck knocking on one of the doors! You might end up scared off your socks — or with a healthy dose of Candies, which can be spent in the Halloween Store for amazing rewards like Shiny Stamps, Gems, Style Tokens, and another limited edition Spaceship featuring a leery Jack O’Lantern, animated to pulse and grin at your Halloween antics that will definitely set the spooky tone of the holiday!

To get more Candies, grab the new Alphabet Globes on the event planet and decode the secret messages that appear when you arrive at the planet. Additionally, extra resources leftover from Spaceship assembly can also be exchanged for delicious Candy. Head over to the Halloween Store and have a spending spree today!

Claw your way through the candy pile and have some frightful fun this Halloween in Claw Stars!

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