One Military Camp calls for new recruits on Steam

Development announcement of new original strategy game for PC by Abylight Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain – October 19th, 2021
One Military Camp is the new game project under development by Abylight Barcelona, and published by Abylight Studios, and today opens its Steam wishlist [link to shop] to new players. This new game will have our players build and manage with total freedom a military camp and train brave cadets until they become elite soldiers ready for war.
In words of Miguel Garcia, the game’s Creative Director, “One Military Camp innovates the game genre by smoothly fusing city building and the management of resources and people, while dealing in the background with a grand strategy scheme to win the war”.
There is a lot of upcoming content, so we want to invite all recruits…ahem, players, to join the official One Military Camp Discord channel to discover more information and exclusive updates.
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