Zombie Nation so many things happening at the same time Streaming your Way soon

Zombie Nation play MTG Arena Monday Monday Can't Trust that day

Im in a hurry to get things done I grind and Grind Till the day done ok here we go another day another stack of gold in MTG Arena Life lets see if we can strike it Rich . be very very werry were hosting Platinum.

we are very sorry we were dist=stracted just a tiny bit today we are in the midst of setting up a windows 11 development machine these can be PD that don't not meet Microsoft specs for windows 11 they are strictly for testing win 11 and developer not for everyday use and not for the weak of heart there are many Reg edits required to get a pc to this state and when the updater dev testing is done the PC is bricked till you reinstall windows 10

we are working on many new and interesting things 2 many for the few of us really to getthings done as fast or as soon as we like but trust me its all coming right now we are working on a windows development PCfor win 11 which was just released to insider today windows is giving away to bypass all the requirments to have people testing on PCs they dont noyt use for everyday windows 11 lbugs list is excessive almostnothing is working just yet but the look pretty much even the window search bar is there but usually cant type in it and any Icon that do come up in your search are unclickable they will be greyed out . dfinatly not the smooth ruturisticdesign they talked about at all .