Zombie Nation having a Blast in the Historic Brawl fest this weekend

Zombie Nation play MTG Arena Sunday questing we are also playing in the Historic Brawl fest

we just want to get to mythic it should be a simple task I mean we started the season needing six wins to get there we got within a win then pushed back to needing 15 wins to get there and its been backward and forward 2 or 3 ranks every day since

Check out this Morning Game play

WOTC your game needs attention badly so many upset players just stuck this is supposed to be free to play now only those spending $100 or more a week can do anything not a good thing or experience for anyone.
So all I don't know what the deal is with facebook they have still not replied to a single email we have sent them, however, a post from this site did show up in the news feed last night as if the restriction that has been there over a month off and one was lifted.

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oddly rather then send us an explanation of what this page is doing against any Facebook policy they sent us an offer to apply for money from Facebook to grow our face been magic Groups Community a community that has existed more than 3 years and still has had only 2 or three joins and all were a member of my own family go figure I have even used OBS to share my live streams on the page and it still gets no interest for all who haven't noticed we run the group MTG Arena planeswalkers