Wardens Rising PvE Coop MOBA-like game awarded with Epic MegaGrant

USA/Brazil (June 9, 2021)

Big Moxi Games is thrilled to announce that its upcoming PvE Coop MOBA-like action hero shooter game Wardens Rising has received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. Currently in pre-alpha, the MegaGrant will be used to support continued development of the IP using Unreal Engine.

Wardens Rising is a new take on multiple genres, blending MOBA-like base defense and hero shooter elements into a uniquely thrilling PvE coop action hero shooter experience.

Being recognized by Epic Games is an honor. Developing original IP as a self-funded start-up game studio can be challenging and the support of Epic Games through the MegaGrants program will help us realize our vision to deliver an amazing new game experience to the global pc and console market” – said Damon Alberts, President of Big Moxi Games.

First launched in 2019, Epic MegaGrants is a $100 million program that continues Epic Games’ long-standing commitment to the success of all creators, and is designed to service and assist game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing outstanding work with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community.

About Wardens Rising

Wardens Rising is an upcoming PvE coop MOBA-like action hero shooter game for PC and Consoles. Currently in development by Big Moxi Games, the game aims to combine fast-paced action and MOBA-like base defense elements into a thrilling and often intense PvE Coop experience. In Wardens Rising, players must protect energy cores from 100’s of enemies by using their special abilities, deploying a powerful set of items, as well as building and upgrading towers on-the-fly. They also have a SPEC companion, a tech-infused lifeform that helps each Warden in the battlefield. Between invasions heroes can upgrade their abilities and stats as well as unlock and upgrade new content to equip in their technology loadout.

STEAM PAGE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1055560/Wardens_Rising/


Wardens Rising Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1055560/Wardens_Rising/