Zombie Nation doing the happy dance after Rising up to Mythic Rank

wow, we went all the way to Mythic today which is our first time ever we are shocked amazed did not expect that at all.
yes someone at wizard on Zombie patrol must-have fall to sleep and let us rise all the way to Mythic

today we're doing the Zombie SHuffle getting the quest done Grinding gold we are also going to take a look at these new 20121 Starter deck I bought we got them today and the codes went right in we even beat the update.
let get this party in the elevator started thing are going up up and aways

it has Truly been our day today our 2021 Starter Deck arrived this am and we got the code in Got to test out one of the decks and won with it one of the 4 wins we needed that took us to mythic we may not get all the way to the top of this rank but just getting there has only been a dream for sure never seen it coming with all the up and down in rank we have been having.

Join us later on Twitch we will be playing the College cup leadership event on MTG Arena test our luck there hope for the pizes it has to offers.