Unique survival RPG launches into Steam Playtest

Classic Survival Design, New Horror

May 26th, 2021 –Knoxville, Tennessee – Game publisher Forthright Entertainment and survival guru KYE Creations are excited to announce that people can get a closer look at Jaws of Extinction with the Steam Playtest. Everyone is invited to sign up for the playtest of the latest version of the game on the 1st of June through the Steam Playtest feature. Starting June 1st, 2021, testers will be able to get access in batches until the release into Early Access on September 1st, 2021. KYE will incorporate player’s feedback and continue to develop upcoming co-op and multiplayer features further.

During the course of Steam Playtesting, KYE will release builds of the game allowing players to test co-op multiplayer features. Any further questions, please feel free to join the community discussion over in our Discord channel. Check out the Steam Playtest Q&A below for more details about it.
 About Jaws of Extinction


Jaws Of Extinction (JoE) is a story-driven, single-player, and multiplayer, horror-survival RPG. Your story begins on a large, open-world island known as Eden-Nadir; a place renowned for its beauty and thriving wildlife. You will be faced with decisions that you may not wish to make as you battle against terrifying infected locals, brutal armed survivors, dangerous native wildlife, exposure to the elements, threats posed by other players, and more. Live in one of Eden-Nadir’s small but safe communities or go at it on your own and build your own base.
*What will be your profession? You can build, craft, trade, farm, hunt, fight, scavenge, loot, ambush, and steal… it’s all up to you! How will you choose to survive?

*The infected can do almost everything you can do—climb, vault, run, and even open doors. To get an edge, players must use stealth, cunning, and the appropriate equipment to survive.

*Infected are attracted to water and become extremely dangerous when exposed to it. Every trip to a reliable watering hole carries risk, and be wary of straying too far from safety when dark clouds are overhead. The skies will betray you in other ways too. Beware of flocks of carrion birds that will give away your position.

Steam Playtest Q&A

So what is Steam Playtest and how does it work? 

The Steam Playtest feature allows anyone interested in trying out Jaws of Extinction to enroll onto a list of playtesters from the Steam store page.

Once enrolled, we will be giving playtesters access to the game in batches from the 1st of June onwards. Steam will alert you once you have been accepted. Once you have been granted access, you will be able to play the full latest version of the game without any time limits for as long as we decide to run the playtest.

How do I enroll as a playtester?

Visit the Jaws of Extinction Steam page and you will find the option to enroll in the same location as the purchase button. Click the button to sign up and you’re all set. Once Steam notifies you that you have access after the 1st of June, the game will be available to download in your library.

How long will the playtest run for?

The length of the playtest will depend on development progress between the 1st of June and the 1st of September. It may be decided that the playtest will open up during particular windows of time during this period as new updates are released.

It is planned that the playtest period will be complete after reaching Early Access on the 1st of September, but this may change.

Will the game be updated during the playtest?

It will. Probably quite a lot. The playtest build of the game will be on the forefront of development. Tell us about any bugs or issues you are having and you may well find they have been updated post-haste!

I already own Jaws of Extinction from the crowdfunding period?

If you already own Jaws of Extinction, then you do not need to apply to join the playtest. You can set your branch from the ‘Public’ branch to the ‘Staging’ branch under the ‘Beta’ tab in the game’s ‘Properties’ in the Steam client to get access to the same version as the playtest. 

Where do I go to talk about my playtest?

Join our Discord to join in on discussions, share ideas or tell us about any issues. You will be given a special role and access into a dedicated playtesting channel. Our community is very welcoming and we look forward to hearing anything you would like to share. 

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/playjoegame 

Jaws of Extinction wishlist and playtest is available now on Steam.  To get more Jaws of Extinction news follow Forthright Entertainment on Twitter and like Forthright Entertainment on Facebook.