Community platform SideQuest hosts tournament of rising competitive VR esport Hyper Dash

Spectators can now be part of the action of one of the fastest growing VR esports scenes

22 MAY 2021 - VR community platform SideQuest are thrilled to announce that Side Dash, an esports tournament for the fast-growing FPS shooter Hyper Dash, will be kicking off at 12pm PDT on May 22nd. SideQuest, in partnership with Logitech Esports Services, are hosting a high-speed tournament for the expert competitors of Dash League - the first 5v5 Hyper Dash league.

A multiplayer team-based shooter, Hyper Dash first found its following on SideQuest itself, rallying a dedicated and passionate community quickly, finding itself a competitive scene long before it launched out of beta, and onto the official Oculus store - where its following continues to grow. 

When asked about their participation in the event, Dash League said, "SideQuest was a big part of the rapid growth of Hyper Dash, so it is a thrill for Dash League to partner with SideQuest."

They continue, "With constant fast action, ample strategic opportunities and multiple game types, weapons and maps to master, Hyper Dash, in partnership with Dash League, is on its way to becoming the top competitive VR Esport."SideQuest COO & Co-Founder Orla Harris echoed Dash League's enthusiasm, saying, "SideQuest are excited about the potential of Esports in VR and how we can take the action of traditional sports married with the convenience of Esports and create really fun and engaging events in VR.

"We welcome spectators to Side Dash.  We are gathering feedback on  the tournament from both participants and spectators with the hope of creating further Esports possibilities for the SideQuest community."

Logitech’s Esports Services Group is supporting the tournament with prizing and support via its 'Challonge' tournament management platform. “We are thrilled to be involved with Side Dash and hope this is just the first of many VR tournaments to come. ” said Logitech Esports Services Group GM Jordan Reiss.

SideDash kicks off at 12pm PDT / 8pm BST on May 22nd, and can be watched at Side.Quest/Sidedash.