Aurora Punks is welcoming its 4 th Studio

The DIY collective adds one more entity to its roster!

Stockholm, Sweden – May 14th, 2021 – The Aurora Punks collective is delighted to announce the onboarding of another video game development studio: Wimasima! Based in Sweden, Wimasima is already hard at work on their first title to be revealed soon.

Following Limit BreakPixadome and Upstream ArcadeWimasima is also joining the ranks of the Aurora Punks collective, the group of talented game developers devoted to producing high quality indie games. Under the Aurora Punks umbrella, the studios work together, sharing resources such as expertise, funding, and network access.

The Wimasima team consists of four students trying to break into the gaming industry. They come from different backgrounds and have many different interests in life and in the gaming world. This mix is their strength as they want to create games fun and enjoyable for all ages.

Winston Spångberg, Wimasima co-founder says “We are happy to have joined the ranks of Aurora Punks because we like the foundational idea from which the organisational culture is being built on. We feel that we can be creatively free in making games while both getting and giving knowledge within the network of studios. It is through this that we feel we can be the very best of our game-making selves.”

The first time I met Wimasima they were a group of loosely connected students who won a pitch event at their school, now they are a team with a clear vision and great plans. I like to think we have been part of that impressive journey. True or not, it’s been and is a really cool thing to watch coming together. This is all what Aurora Punks is about - an arena where ideas are executed upon with as much creative freedom as and as little constraints as possible.” Gladly declares Robert Bäckström, Aurora Punks founder and Chairman.

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