Steel Rats a 2.5 unique combat racer with innovative gameplay, mechanics based on physics and the coolest dieselpunk graphic style available for FREE from now until April 4th.

April 2, 2021 – Warsaw, Poland     

Tate Multimedia is happy to announce that, If you have yet to visit an alternative, dieselpunk version of 1940’s American Coastal City, and save it from the deadly invasion of alien Junkbots – now it’s a perfect time!  

From April 2nd Steel Rats is available to PLAY FOR FREE on Xbox One, and FOR FREE on Steam. Until April 4th players will have a great opportunity to wreck and ride the coolest motorbikes out there! 

Play For Free on Xbox
Get For Free on Steam part of the gang – are you a born leader, bold racer, young genius or the ratchet circus performer – nevermind, the mission is one – Kill the bots!

Weapons? You’ll always have them literally under yourself. Your bike is an arsenal equipped with the sharp as razor wheels, harpoon guns and flame-throwing exhaust – you’ll be unstoppable!

If you haven’t tried it yet – there is no time to wait!

About Tate Multimedia:

Tate Multimedia S.A. is a Poland-based, independent developer and game publisher. Creators of the classic Kao the Kangaroo franchise, well known Urban Trial Series and awarded Steel Rats