F&L Galaxy Seeks To Breathe New Life Into Browser-Based Games With Megopoly

Megopoly is a free-to-play strategy game that seeks to change browser-based gaming

Las Vegas, Nevada -March 24, 2021- F&L Galaxy Inc. is bringing a new twist to browser-based gaming with the relaunch of Megopoly. Inspired by classic real estate board games, Megopoly is a free-to-play game that has players investing in virtual real estate to build their empire. As players purchase shares in properties, they earn rent in the form of a premium currency called Coins that can then be redeemed for real-world rewards. 

Investing and purchasing property has never been easier thanks to flexible HTML 5.0 optimization. Megopoly can be played through a standard web browser such as Google Chrome on practically any device. So long as players have access to the internet, they can play Megopoly on PC, tablet, and mobile devices.


“We are extremely excited to be relaunching Megopoly as the world’s first browser-based game that rewards players for their time,” said Creative Director Mike Amerson on the relaunch of Megopoly. “With Megopoly, we initially set out to create a versatile game that grows as our players grow. With a living economy and board that come to life as more players invest, we feel that Megopoly is something that players have never seen before.

“We have an ambitious roadmap that focuses on creating a unique experience for players, with highly anticipated features that other games can’t recreate. While some of our more inspired features are still in early development we plan on sharing more exciting news soon.”

About Megopoly

Megopoly offers players two unique boards, called Districts, to build their real estate empires in. Each district features a distinctive feel and look, with more locations inspired by real places and pop culture coming soon. Over time, players can take the Coins they have earned by investing in properties and convert them into Amazon Gift codes or reinvest them into more properties.  

Even more features:

  • Cute avatars to upgrade and level up!
  • Play it in the browser on both mobile and computer devices. No risk of someone getting mad and flipping the board! 
  • Entirely free-to-play, with no ads or paywalls. Just a casual gaming experience for players of all ages.

Ready to start your real estate empire? Join us at https://playmegopoly.com!

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Discord: http://bit.ly/3d09Qxk