Roblox UFO Tycoon customize your UFO

UFO Tycoon By Pаrаgоn Roblox Platform customize your UFO, Build your own space station, discovering new upgrades, new UFOs, and earning awesome loot! Fly around in your own UFO to explore space, find new planets, and interact with other players in UFO Tycoon

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🎉🎉Feb. 6th Garage update!
Added a garage where you can customize your UFO!
-Add neon lights
-Change paint job
-more soon!
Vending Machines now give Bloxy Cola
Bug Fixes

💾 Tycoon Saves Automatically 💾

🔔 Updates coming very soon! Favorite & turn on notifications to be the first to know! 🔔

🌌 Creators: Wegny and Br_cks
🌑 Contributors: vGenede
Using sounds by ZapSplat

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