Cygnus Pizza Race; Season 2 Out Today on Steam and VoxPop

Arcade sci-fi local multiplayer racing game

 Independent development studio Longplay Games releases Cygnus Pizza Race Season 2 on Steam and VoxPop today.Cygnus Pizza Race is an arcade sci-fi local multiplayer racing game in which you can compete against the computer or engage in two-person, head-to-head, split-screen local races against your friends. Smugglers of Cygnus: Cygnus Pizza Race Season 1 was launched as a VoxPop exclusive in June 2020. Season 2 builds on the ten tracks and three ships of Season One and adds a total of ten new tracks, new ships, and new music.


  • Arcade-style head-to-head races.
  • Set in a futuristic environment
  • Local two-player mode in split-screen.
  • Speed, accuracy, and well-timed sabotage are vital to win. 

Additional Information

About Longplay GamesLongplay Games is a science fiction focused game development and visual effects studio based in southern New Mexico. Longplay Games was founded in 2020 as a spin-off of indie publishing company Indie Imprint. They started as the development team behind 2018’s GYATM then began working on Smugglers of Cygnus, a massive science fiction trade and exploration game expected to be released in late 2022.The company began working on minigames set in the Cygnus galaxy in May, when it became apparent that there was a lot more they could do to develop the Cygnus galaxy game world.Smugglers of Cygnus: Cygnus Pizza Race Season 1 was launched as a VoxPop exclusive in June. Season 2 is coming to Steam and VoxPop in February 2021, followed by even more games in the same Cygnus galaxy setting.

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