Bugvasion TD

Tower Defense with Micro Machines style visuals

Bugvasion TD is releasing in a week and boy we are excited. The levels were already done by last summer so we spent the last 6-8 months to further develop the gameplay side of things implementing new interesting mechanics, adding a skill tree system, refining the UI and developing a funny story around the quirky gameplay.

The gameplay changed a lot during development, it started out as a classic tower defense game where you have to build and upgrade towers in a strategic manner to overcome the ever growing hordes of possessed bugs. Slowly we added a few special attacks and shifted the gameplay so the player has to use both towers and special attacks in order to defeat the enemy, but we didn’t stop there. Special abilities were the next thing, these are passive helpers and only really work together with other tools, they don’t damage the enemy by themselves.

Combining tools in a creative way was the next step, now if you use the Rolling Death special attack, light it up with a Magny Tower and roll it over puddles of gas placed by the Gas Drop special ability you can light up half the map and seriously hurt the enemy. There are more of these combinations in the game, but we want the players to find them by themselves and use them to their advantage.

Finally we’ve added quite a few static defenses like glue tubes or PEZ dispensers, these are a part of the level designs, their use is limited but if the player uses them strategically they can be a big help in the fight. 

Implementing these mechanics means that playing Bugvasion TD will bring the players and unconventional tower defense experience, where you have to be alert and keep mainting your defenses to the very end of each level.

After release we are planning to do localization first,  Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian and Deutsch language versions are already in the works but we won’t stop there, there are many more languages planned.


We also want to bring the Bugvasion TD experience to other platforms, we will keep you updated once we have an ETA on any of the ports.

Just a few more days and Bugvasion TD is out, we can’t wait for people to play it!

Demeter, Head of Development

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