Dream Engines: Nomad Cities receives new “Outskirts” Update that lets players build outside their flying city.

Some of the main changes:

  • Players can now build outside of the main flying-city platform, encouraging players to build more of everything and make the most of their time on land.
  • More automation – resource harvesters are now available from the start and players can build rails outside the city, instead of manually harvesting resources.
  • Each landing now lasts longer, allowing for more city-planning and explointing more of the map before having to fly away.
  • Added a building add-on system that allows players to customize their buildings for specific needs.
  • Major re-balance of the economy to encourage more construction, taking over more areas of the map and defending them for as long as you can.
  • New buildings and resources for a deeper economic simulation.
  • Players can now move buildings in and out of the city, and have to make hard choices of which buildings to keep and which to leave behind.

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