Drive, Shoot & Drift In The Ultimate VR-Exclusive Kart Racer ‘Dash Dash World’ Available Today

Dash Dash World includes a wealth of fun gameplay modes catering to all audiences. There is casual mode, a pro challenge, boss fights(!), and online tournaments. More than 5.000 players have helped playtest the game during development in more than 10.000 sessions of play, and the result is an impressive variety of options. You can take on more than 100 challenges from a large selection of cool characters, learning about each persona as you progress. The single-player, open-ended Story mode is a great way to master the game and turns you into a Pro in no time! The online option has more than 200 Achievement Quests to conquer – in addition to friendly and competitive Tournaments. You can send personalized Emotes and stun your friends by honking your horn at the perfect moment.

Dash Dash World is more than an evolutionary VR-racer! With more than 1 Trillion customization options available, the game allows you to customize pretty much anything and everything ranging from detail of the rims, dashboard and interior to the boost-effects. Avatars can be tailored from top to bottom using a diverse selection of unique features. Tight turns and intense tracks might be too intense for new VR players. To help inexperienced players the games accessibility options help prevent motion-sickness; there are 6 Comfort modes to tryout, along with a special Orientation class extensively pre-tested prior to releas

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