Manticore The New Normal submission for the 2020 Student Dev Hackathon Core Rising Talents Award

The New Normal Core Rising Talents Award, My submission for the 2020 Student Dev Hackathon. You play as someone who runs an online business and must survive for five days without going into debt.

Play Now [ALPHA] The New Normal by Pings - Core Games

Your goal is to survive for five days without going in debt. Crafting items cost energy, you need to sleep in your bed to replenish your energy and end the day. Becareful since at the end of the day $200 will be subtracted for your total money.

  1. Open workbench, from here you can see the recipes of certain items
  2. Head to your laptop and open the Crafting Store, from here you can buy ingredients.
  3. Craft your desired item.
  4. Open Nootshop from your laptop, from here you can sell your item.
  5. Look at the small box in the bottom, it will tell you what the address of your customer is.
  6. Click M to locate the customer's building