Grab your headsets, space commanders! Spuds Unearthed is out now on PlayStation VR

A hilarious action-strategy game with god-simulator elements is now available on your PSVR goggles for the price of 9.99 Euro/USD.

Taters gonna tate

Becoming a Spud is something you cannot undo. Once they are born a Spud, the responsibility for the lives of them tiny creatures is in your hands. And it’s not an easy task since those potatoed individuals are extremely unruly and not at all disciplined.

They love fighting and they fought so much that they’ve completely mashed their planet – The Soil, fragments of which have been scattered across the galaxy. Now they are inhabited by rotten Zombuds – Spuds that went crazy after spending too much time on their own outside of their civilization. It is now your job to reunite the culture of these potato-like beings.

Don’t be a couch potato

Spuds Unearthed is an extraordinary combination of an action game, RTS and MOBA. You can play it either seated or standing – though fighting requires a lot of effort whichever option you choose. Form a crew with unique perks and abilities and send them to explore other planets.

Manage your galactic Spud tribe and fight against anything that other players have left behind. Specialize and upgrade your team using ancient artifacts called tokens and dispatch them onto the battlefield. Produce weapons combined from various bizarre parts like cranks, springs and anything else you can find to support your fellow creatures

Join the spudtacular adventure now, as Spuds Unearthed just launched on PlayStation VR with the price of 9.99 Euro/USD.

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