Amazing Rewards up for Grabs in Epic Seven’s “Re:Birth” Update – Pre-Registration Now Open!

  • Players can now sign up to receive updates on Epic Seven’s “Re:Birth” update, scheduled for April 16, and receive a variety of rewards
  • New Episode 2 main story chapter and Guild War Season 2 now available

Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, announced the launch of the pre-registration page ( for the “Re:Birth” update on April 3. The Re:Birth update centers around the launch of World Arena’s first official season and offers several special events with a variety of great rewards for players.
Alongside pre-registration, players may now enjoy the tenth chapter of Episode 2, which takes place in the “Distorted Dimension” region, and a new season of the PvP Guild mode “Guild War.”
Epic Seven has begun pre-registration for the Re:Birth update, which takes place on April 16. Players can receive Skystone, Covenant Bookmarks, and other great rewards by signing up to receive updates about Re:Birth anytime between April 2 and April 15. There are also special events ongoing to commemorate Re:Birth: players will receive a 4-5 star Hero Summon Ticket, a level 75 epic Equipment set, Charms, and other rewards by taking part in the check-in event in April. Additionally, players returning to the game after at least a sixteen-day absence can also receive a 4-5 star Hero Summon Ticket, a level 85 epic Equipment set, buffs providing a 30% increase to experience gains and increased Gold, and enjoy unequipping at no cost.
Epic Seven also brings a variety of new content to the game in this week’s update. First, the last region in Episode 2’s main story, “Distorted Dimension,” consists of ten main stages and six optional stages and follows our Heroes as they stand against their enemies in a mysterious space created by transcendental forces. Players can receive six Gold Transmit Stones and the “Sea of the Abyss” Background Pack after completing all ten of this region’s Quests.
The second season of Guild War, opening April 6 on all servers, is also launching with this update, along with many new quality-of-life improvements. Players may now use the “Draw” feature to end a battle that is dragging on as well as view the contribution rankings of their Guild members and MVPs. The Guild Captain can also write War Plans via a new announcement feature, making it easier than ever for Guilds to strategize.
Furthermore, the Japanese media pack, a popularly requested feature, is now available for players’ enjoyment. Players can select from Korean, English, or Japanese to appreciate their favorite Heroes’ voiceovers in the language of their choice, and media packs will be updated regularly. Finally, “Adventurer’s Path,” a feature that helps new players learn and grow within Epic Seven’s vast world, has received an update with many new features, improving its overall convenience.
Smilegate Megaport’s Business Department Manager Sanghoon Lee commented, “I’m confident that the pre-registration, new content updates, and Re:Birth update with World Arena’s first official season will be meaningful to a lot of players. We will do our best to further improve the game in a direction that our players will be happy to see it grow.”
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