Epic Seven Releases New Hero “Kawerik” and Side Story “Requiem for the Forsaken”

  • Kawerik, a mage Hero with a powerful AoE attack based on Speed, now available
  • Side Story about Kaweriks tragic life released

Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, released the new Hero “Kawerik” and his Side Story, “Requiem for the Forsaken,” on March 13.
Kawerik is a Fire elemental Mage with the unique ability to deal damage that increases proportionally to Speed. He can hinder the enemy with powerful effects, such as inflicting the debuff “Silence,” dispelling buffs, and increasing skill cooldowns. His strength is most well demonstrated in his third skill, in which he inflicts AoE damage and even partially penetrates enemies’ Defense when he is granted increased Speed.
Alongside Kawerik, the fascinating Side Story “Requiem for the Forsaken” is also now available for players to experience. As an enhanced mage, Kawerik played an important role in the Archdemon War, but was abandoned by society after it ended. This Side Story tells of his tragic life following the war, in which he has been suffering from the side effects of the enhanced mage experiments and struggling to make the right decisions. By playing the Side Story, Heirs can obtain a variety of useful items, such as Covenant Bookmarks and the ingredients necessary to strengthen and level up Kawerik.

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