Light Trail Rush open beta coming March 12th

A fast-paced, arcade-style brawler with infinite replayability 

After being in alpha for several months, the arcade-style vehicular brawler Light Trail Rush will be made available in open beta. Game studio B2Expand is releasing this open beta on Thursday, March 12th 2020.

 In Light Trail Rush, gamers compete either as a Tracer or a Chaser. The Tracer is the player in the lead who’s designing the track in free flow through space. The competition brawl with each other. They are called Chasers, and they score points by bumping each other off the road in a frenetic confrontation.
“Vehicular action blockchain gaming experience at its best” Because of these arcade gameplay mechanics, the roads don’t have a traditional finish line. Instead, the match will end when one player reaches the point limit in a six-minute game. Light Trail Rush is one of the most unique and competitive arcade games on the market!
“The most brutal game of follow the leader I've ever seen in my life.”
Deadmetal, on Youtube Blockchain mechanicsIn Light Trailer Rush, gamers take charge over one of four types of spaceships, each with their own characteristics. These spaceships can be customized with player-owned unique skins and decorations, all stored on the blockchain in the player’s private wallet. These can also be traded on vibrant public marketplaces for digital collectables.New in the betaThis beta version of the arcade brawler is enhanced using the Unity HDRP engine.All actions in Light Trail Rush have now been enriched with VFX, providing a more immersive experience. As a result, the game looks better than ever before.In addition, the team has improved the user interface and the garage tremendously, creating a smoother game experience. After finishing a game, our virtual refereewill determine the MVP, while players get to see all their personal statistics. The game will be updated on 12th March 2020.
MORE ON B2EXPANDB2Expand is an indie video game studio created in January 2017 following a successful ICO. Stemming from a space game project, Beyond the Void, B2Expand was the first French studio to have leveraged the blockchain technology in the early days of blockchain space. Organically, the blockchain is in our DNA. We believe the technology will benefit the players and bring new dynamics in the game industry.

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