Epic Seven Officially Launches “World Boss” and New Hero “Ambitious Tywin”

Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, announced the official release of World Boss mode and the new Moonlight Hero “Ambitious Tywin” on January 23.

World Boss, which was first released in November 2019, is now out of Pre-Season. In this mode, players work together with their fellow

Guild members to battle against a powerful boss monster. World Boss is available to all Guild members, as long as their account Rank is fifty or higher.
Following World Boss’s official release, players can now use other Guild members’ Heroes as Supporters and rewards have been improved. The chances of acquiring Equipment Conversion Gems have been increased, Equipment drops from SS or higher grades will now be of level 85 or higher, and the amount of Gold rewarded has been increased.
Alongside World Boss comes the new Moonlight Hero Ambitious Tywin. Ambitious Tywin is a Light elemental Knight who adds a new dimension to battle by immediately dispelling a debuff from all allies and is also capable of inflicting debuffs to his enemies. His passive skill, “Battle Command,” can be activated even when Ambitious Tywin is paralyzed, allowing him to protect his team at all times.
More information about Epic Seven can be found on the official STOVE community (https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/main) and official Facebook page (http://facebook.com/EpicSevenGlobal). 

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