MTG Arena Game of the day today’s quest of the day cast 25 lands

Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day today’s quest of the day cast 25 lands the fastest way to get through this one is mono decks either way though we’re at the mercy of the shuffle.

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Land Floods really make these playland type quest to easy however not to good for playing card developers really need to look at the shuffle and the card balance harder in this game

this one could take a bit to let get started and see where it takes us we are playing Standard Legal Starter Deck in casual Rank

the Broken shuffle was so bad today we blew through the Lands played 4 hand we have no more than 4 draws and had already 12 lands in hand and in play make 25 lands played for a quest a breeze however not so good for playing card which is why we log into a card game to play cards and there is the complaint of thousands online and MTGA.

Boros Legion didn’t help us through the QUest at all but it is our feature deck because it was the most valuable being the deck we won our only game with

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Boros Legion Decklist

1 Tajic, Legion’s Edge (GRN) 204
1 Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice (GRN) 153
1 Legion Warboss (GRN) 109
1 Response // Resurgence (GRN) 229
1 Light of the Legion (GRN) 19
1 Swiftblade Vindicator (GRN) 203
2 Truefire Captain (GRN) 209
2 Boros Challenger (GRN) 156
1 Integrity // Intervention (GRN) 227
1 Justice Strike (GRN) 182
2 Skyknight Legionnaire (GRN) 198
1 Healer’s Hawk (GRN) 14
3 Goblin Banneret (GRN) 102
2 Legion Guildmage (GRN) 187
2 Sunhome Stalwart (GRN) 26
2 Roc Charger (GRN) 24
2 Lava Coil (GRN) 108
1 Tectonic Rift (M20) 161
1 Act of Treason (RNA) 91
3 Sure Strike (GRN) 118
1 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
4 Boros Guildgate (GRN) 243
10 Mountain (GRN) 263
10 Plains (GRN) 260
2 Daggersail Aeronaut (M20) 133
2 Sworn Companions (GRN) 27

the Hero card of this day Comes into the game don’t seem like much but makes the biggest difference Boosting +1+1 to an Attacking Creature of your choosing each time Boros Challenger

Creature — Human Soldier
Card Text:
Mentor (Whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on target attacking creature with lesser power.)
2RedWhite: Boros Challenger gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Flavor Text:
“Send your champion. I could use a light workout.”

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