MTG Arena Hero card of the Day “Galloping Lizrog”

Fandomfare gaming MTG Arena Hero card of the Day "Galloping Lizrog" Used at the Right time this card can be crazy when it first enters the battle you can remove +1+1 counters from any or all the creatures you control and add twice the number to Galloping Lizrog this card also has trample.

This Deck was Great actually finished the quest in one match -1 point it lived up to the task we gave it very well.

though this one looks like a nothing card used at the right time it can become that one hit and win card mega power card. to be just the spell you need to complete that quest of the day and Move the rank up to.

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Galloping Lizrog Written on the card.

Frog Lizard
When Galloping Lizrog enters the battlefield, you may remove any number of +1/+1 counters from among creatures you control. If you do, put twice that many +1/+1 counters on Galloping Lizrog.

Jadiri Gamer brings a feature hero card of the day every day after the game of the day we break down the card to better see and understand just how it works and what it may or may not cost you for the benefit it offers

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