MTG Arena Hero Card of the day “Tajic, Legion’s Edge” Monday Monday

Fandomfare Gaming MTG Arena Hero Card of the day "Tajic, Legion's Edge" Ok so this is not your average card a Legendary Creature in it own Right this one has Haste I always take advantage of creatures with haste where I can they can Hit right out of the box without Delay if that, not Enough this one is a mentor it adds a +1+1 counter to a lesser power creature when attacking.

As hero cards go this is a king of hero it has many Helps Tricks and Triggers Legendary in its own Right

Tajic, Legion's Edge will make any Planeswalker day when it is drawn from the pile and if you have more than one the more the better I say. this can take your Line up to a fairly high power nightmare in a hurry,

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Tajic, Legion's Edge written en on the card

Legendary Creature — Human Soldier
Card Text:
Mentor (Whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on target attacking creature with lesser power.)
Prevent all noncombat damage that would be dealt to other creatures you control.

RedWhite: Tajic, Legion's Edge gains first strike until end of turn

Jadiri Gamer Pick a hero card of the day every day to Feature and break down for better Knowledge of what individual cards can do to better learn how they might play better and with what others to Maximize their powers.

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