MTG Arena Card Hero'(s) of the day Ajani’s Pridemate – CAT SOLIDER , Angelic Reward, Healer’s Hawk

Todays MTG Arena Card Hero of the day or rather Heros of the day because this one is Evil Enough on its own But Give it WIngs and a few Life boosting buddies and it an Opponeis Nightmare (Ajani's Pridemate - CAT SOLIDER ) (Angelic Reward) (Healer's Hawk)

This Was a hot Winning Deck of the Day for us however Many of the Spells Never rally cane out for us we had to finish the Quest with another deck.

so here is today's Hero(s) Kike I say Cat Soldier can be wicked on it own but when red bull gives it ANgelic wings and healer hawk gets busy Listen to that Angel Radio Telegraph the punches.

This is a killer combo we never got to see in play during our quest however in the wee hours of the morning we tasted this and later after the quest was over on some playtime on Twitch this Combo came out to play

Thanks all for watching and your support this wouldn't be possible or necessary without the Fans of Magic the Gathering Arena, I hope you FInd our Play entertaining and our tips helpful please feel free to take our decklists and improve on them I know that is what we will be continuing to so

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Ajani's Pridemate - CAT Stats

Creature — Cat Soldier
Card Text:
Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on Ajani's Pridemate.
Flavor Text:
Planeswalkers conjured replicas of old allies, reminders of the homeworlds that would fall next if Bolas prevailed.

Angelic Reward Stats

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has flying.

Healer's Hawk Stats

Creature — Bird
Card Text:
Flying, lifelink
Flavor Text:
The wounded see the glow of its vials long before they see its wings diving out of the clouds.
1 / 1

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