MTGA PlanesWalkers working on our 2020Decks Getting Ready to Rummble

Jadiri Gamer just deck build testing here this afternoon wow we built some pretty wicked 2020 Decks we kept going after the video and created to more wicked 2020 Decks one that mixes what I believe to be the best red and black flying control deck I have played at lease.

Come join us for lots of MTG Arena 2020 Deck Building madness Every day on Fandomefare Gaming

in the days to come, I hope to be streaming more 2020 and war of sparks deck testing before rotation. I am still hoping to see them introduce a few new 2020 theme Decks Either free or for a small fee for to give the 2020 Rotation play a bit of a boost for some of us still building out new elderaine Collection and such.

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Do You Believe in Magic MTGA Deck Building Magic what will the 2020 ROtation Bring Lets take the Collection we have and see

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We are starting to build some MTG Arena META /Decks theme Decks with the 2020 collection we believe to be big enough now to build a few deadly decks to try and hold up rank while doing out daily challenges come to check out the first decks we have put together a mono-black control deck and a black and red flying control deck and a red control deck .

Over the coming weeks and day I would Like to be Testing 2020 Vampire And angrl deck Zombie decks and more
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