Jadiri Gamer Tuesdays Edition of the MTGA Daily Quest

Jadiri Gamer Tuesdays Edition of the MTGA Daily Quest today's Colors Green and red just got the new update lets hope its all working Smooth today ..

it's starting to appear the Honest norm in this game is those who pay are the only winners.

I have to Say honest hate is building inside me for the imbalance of these new 2030 Magic Arena card they are just showing the lack of card=e for cards that play together well and fairly

well the quest went very well but the catch-up event I played for a bit shows how out of balance the new 2020 cards are,, this event was for those who need to catch up on XP some don't have as much time to play as other but they still choose to play for free.

it really was not for those to use the Eldraine cards to push everyone playing with the standard 2030 deck out any chance of catching up on level cards and such before the rollover it honestly is becoming a game of the frozen choose those who pay thousands for cards yearly and such up to wizards while paying for followers and viewer on twitch .

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