MTG Arena Final days before Rotation flying by

Jadiri Gamer MTGA Daily Challenge Tuesday Edition Final days before Rotation flying by today we are looking to cast 20 creature spells getting so close to rotation hope this laptop will hold out or a new one comes along so we can bring you every moment Life and in-game as it unfolds.

We are Excite fandomfare will be there and invites you to be there with US watch our streams and side by side playing through every minute we will try to keep the Blog up to date and current

wow time is moving so fast Next week , well just 6 days is rotation and the new string of event with all the new preview cards , shortly after this is Historic Platform really looking forward to all the goings-on and seeing how it all unfolds being in arena all next week from start to finish really will be a big deal so many advance card to collect and build upon unless your planning to mainly follow historic that will not be welcome in MTGA standard Modern Meta .

I really am hoping to at least see a few new theme decks offering even if for a modest fee I have not heard anything if it's happening it one of the quietest kept secrets in Internet land for sure ..
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  • Standard 2020 – Rotation will happen on MTG Arena with the release of Throne of Eldraine on September 26.
  • No Collection Resets – There will be no reset, wipe, or removal of cards from your collection. Those cards will still be yours to play with in non-Standard formats!
  • Historic Play – Just because some cards are leaving Standard doesn't mean you can't play with them! In November, we will be launching Historic, a deep format for experienced players that leverages MTG Arena's digital playground and a growing catalog of Magic cards.
  • We've made a lot of changes to Historic since we initially announced it, so please keep reading!