MTGA PlanesWalkers Todays update and patch notes

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MTGA PlanesWalkers Today's update and patch notes Today Was a pretty Good day in the MTG Arena we had a pretty good day There were patch updates for stream lab and the MTGA game.

MTGA PlanesWalkers This is not Exactly the news they were sharing last week as I understood the article but Very close, Much of the Fast tracking in XP will come in the form of event.

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MTGA PlanesWalkers Today's update and patch notes

we had a really good day in the Arena however it would be had to know by watching our record or the stream as ou nearly 2 hours end up summed up in 2 12 mini videos somehow no doubt related to the updates.

the updates They added weekly Mastery XP Separate from the daily quest 250 XP per win up to 15 wins a week they are resting on Sunday which gives you about 1 and a half XP to gain every 7 days., never any rest for the wicked. here are the patch note

For more information, please refer to ourCore Set 2020 Developer Update.

  • Weekly Win rewards have returned. Players will now earn 250 XP per Win, up to 15 Wins.
    • Weekly Wins reset on Sunday at 2AM Pacific Time.
  • XP has been removed from the Daily Win rewards (previously 100 for your 1st win, 50 for your 2nd and 3rd).
  • XP rewards from Quests is now 500 XP per completed Quest (down from 800 XP).

Don't forget to Redeem the Codes for the Bonus XP if you Still haven't seen them LevelUp and BroughtBack  WIll gain you up to an additional 4000 XP


Developer's Note: We have more performance improvements planned for later this month, and will continue to investigate performance related-issues. If you're still having problems after this update, please submit a support ticket and include both your game log files as well as your DXDiag to help us identify the problem.


  • Players who have a token for a Sealed and/or Draft event entry (such as from a pre-release code) should now be able to use their token.

A new set of Chronicles events will start up at the end of this month and will contribute to Set Mastery by offering an extra 1,000 XP per week of rewards (along with other goodies). We've also taken learnings from the War of the Spark Chronicles events that will be applied to new Chronicles. In particular, the maximum wins needed and event length, which will both be shorter.
In September we will have another series of end-of-season events that reward XP. More details as we get closer to those, but this will be part of the end-of-season "catch up” in lieu of larger changes we’re considering for Archery.
Lastly, if you haven't already: Redeem the codes LevelUp and BroughtBack for an additional 4,000 XP (2,000 XP each). Between these codes and the Weekly Wins returning (and starting at 0/15 for all players), there’s a lot of extra XP available.