Fandomfare MTGA PlanesWalkers checking out the MTG Arena new mastery update for the first time

Fandonfare MTGA Planeswalkers checking out the MTG Arena new mastery update for the first time For all the talk and in some cases whining about the update we here are actually Excited to see the Changes come to life over the next weeks Today's Magic Challenge is Red and White yes Angels and Fire Demons spell we will have a deck of the Day.

the Fandomfare MTGA Planeswalkers Likes this new update for MTG Arena I think it's going to Rock and have some real that play again addictiveness they are looking for.

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Last night we finally got the game logged in last night and we bought us 10 packs of core 2020 cards loads of nice card and a boatload of the wild cards.

now we just got to play for the first time and complete the challenge we got the gold the 1000 Mastery XP for the pack of cards we did get to rank up, I really like this update and can not wait for the Historic platform and rotation.

the MTGA PlanesWalkers think In spite of the Down time and this is one MTG Arena update that was worth the wait

I mentioned this on Facebook and in the stream today I see a mobile version of Magic coming soon still much as Pokemon go and the New Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game by Nantic Community is where Magic the gatherings root are and these games are about the community getting together where they are at the annual meetups various place globally .

I can go out to the paks and such and if I wanted count hundreds out with there phones playing Pokemon go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Parents with kids walking to school and home with phone playing taking the long way to get to the gyms and get the steps to hatch the eggs and such.

I can look I see Magic has the storylines characters and more wizards of the coast has the resources and I think would be missing the boat if we don't see this is the future for MTG it could bring even more new life to the game in this new generation maybe even revive the card toy store back room to their former glory days.