voltage Announces Launch of 3D Gaming Audio Array for PC’s

VoltEdge, LLC, a new developer of high-performance game accessories and Dysonics a leader in 3D sound and spatial recognition has announced that it will launch the new 3D Gaming Audio Array at E3 2019.  The 3D Gaming Audio Array is an immersive 3D sound system for PC gamers that elevates situational awareness well beyond traditional gaming headset while still providing full chat support. The 3D Audio Array and other VoltEdge products will be available for testing at Booth #433 South Hall.

Now PC Game Enthusiasts Can Enjoy Immersive 3D Sound; A Better Alternative to Headsets or Typical Multi-Speaker Systems

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VoltEdge has partnered with
Dysonics, an advanced audio technology company that specializes in 3D
sound capture, personalization, reproduction and spatial recognition, in
order to develop an audio system for PC gamers looking to hear and feel
the full potential of their favorite games. The 3D Audio Array offers
crisp, vivid depth of field, situational awareness and immersive sound
never before offered to PC game enthusiasts.

The 3D Audio Array is a first of
its kind product that provides a three-dimensional experience using a
series of small speakers arranged into a linear array. Through signal
processing techniques, the array of speakers work together to isolate
the left and right ear audio signals, resulting in a truly immersive
experience enabling the listener to hears sounds near and far, left and
right, and up and down. This is all achieved from a small array of speakers sitting directly in front of the gamer, and
it works with all PC games / content. Instead of using headphones or
multiple speakers set up around the room, the 3D Audio Array is a single
unobtrusive platform that fits conveniently under a gaming monitor or a

“The 3D Audio Array takes PC gaming to the next level of immersive excitement,” stated Chris Richards, co-founder and CEO of VoltEdge.  Perry Teevens, CEO of Dysonics added; “3D audio involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener. Now sounds can come from every direction, greatly enhancing situational audio awareness. It’s a truly remarkable and exhilarating experience.”

3D Audio Gaming Array features include:

  • Eight 30mm Temper Tuned Drivers
  • Built-in Subwoofer (with options for an external subwoofer)
  • EQ and personalization settings
  • Shared and Immersive audio modes
  • Headphone jack that provides the same personalized 3D rendering
  • Full “off the ear” chat support with spatial controls
  • Works with all PC system audio (Games, Movies, Music, Communication, etc.)
  • Works with all content types (stereo, surround sound, Ambisonics, object-based)
  • Sleek, Unobtrusive Design

VoltEdge will have the 3D Gaming Audio Array and many other products available for testing at booth #433 in the South Hall.
Members of the media and other industry participants are invited to
visit the booth to speak with the VoltEdge team about their impressive
line of new audio equipment designed for the next generation of gaming.

About VoltEdge™

VoltEdge™ is a new brand
dedicated to re-energizing the video game accessory category. We are in
the “fanware” business, supporting passionate gamers by
creating products that meet their demands and budgets. Founded by two
industry veterans, Nima Taghavi and Chris Richards, VoltEdge is
passionate about driving innovation and entertainment, producing
remarkable products at remarkable prices. For more information visit: www.voltedge.co or call (949) 879-8900.

About Dysonics™

Dysonics is an advanced audio
technology company that produces market leading technologies for 3D
audio capture, creation, personalization and rendering.  Spun out of an
industry leading spatial audio research laboratory, Dysonics continues
to bring innovative research and products to a wide variety of markets.
With investors ranging from Intel to Shure, Dysonics is focused on
creating disruptive audio technologies for PC / Mobile devices,
broadcasting, teleconferencing, and automotive. For more information
please contact Dysonics at contact@dysonics.com or visit our website at http://dysonics.com.