Leadership change at combostrike

ComboStrike, a full-service marketing agency focusing on console, PC and mobile games, appointed Christian Szymanski as CEO on April 1, 2019. He will succeed Albert Schwarzmeier, who joins the advisory board after five very successful years in the management. As co-founder, Christian Szymanski has been working for Stryking Entertainment since 2012 as COO, CMO and Product Owner.

Christian started his career in the advertising agency business, working for clients like PayPal, Procter & Gamble and Masterfoods, he changed into the gaming sector in 2006. There he gathered extensive experience in marketing, business development, PR, branded entertainment and monetization.

ComboStrike marketing agency Christian Szymanski CEO

At Codemasters he managed successful brands like The Lord of the Rings Online or Race Driver: Grid before leading the Marketing Team for Frogster. “Having been part of the dynamic and growing gaming industry for many years, I have seen the growing need for integrated marketing solutions with a deep understanding of games,” said Christian.

“With ComboStrike, we combine the different aspects of marketing to deliver data-driven, holistic campaign for our clients.”

Due to his many years of experience as a dedicated marketing and gaming expert, Christian Szymanski is a worthy successor to Albert Schwarzmeier.

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“It was an honour building up and leading ComboStrike for more than 5 years, and helping establish the agency as a trustworthy marketing partner for companies like Tencent, Innogames, Kakao Games or Epic Games” former CEO Albert Schwarzmeier outlines. „During that time, the company group grew more than eightfold.

The path for ComboStrike to grow further is set, we need excellent management and creativity to continue to flourish,” said Albert. ”I ́ll continue to foster our success as an associate as well as a member of the advisory board and I am looking forward to move ComboStrike to the next level together with Christian!”

ComboStrike is part of the games marketing group which started with the performance marketing pioneer ad2games in the F2P gaming world eleven years ago. In 2015, sister-company nevaly, an influencer-marketing- and talent-management-specialist was founded.

About ComboStrike: ComboStrike, an integrated marketing agency focused on game with offices in Berlin, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

We help publishers to develop the proper marketing strategies to market their games by providing a full suite of services including strategy-development, creative, performance and influencer marketing as well as PR and events. Selected clients are Epic Games, Tencent, Konami, Travian Games, Wildworks and Kakao Games.

ComboStrike’s mission is to apply industry-leading marketing and games expertise to support the sustainable growth of gaming clients throughout the world.