Pizza Factory Tycoon, big update Roblox With I Dude7

Pizza Factory Tycoon, big update Roblox With I Dude7 Took some time but we finally got this update done and working. we got about 2 hours to play time in rebuilding our tycoon for this game on the new update sometimes Roblox doesn't make things easy or as simple as they could be at least not on the free account experience on the paid pro server may vary.

About Pizza Factory Tycoon,

Pizza Factory Tycoon is a big shot diversion made by Ultraw. In spite of the fact that it is introduced as a normal transport type head honcho, it fuses AI clients and the capacity to serve them nourishment.

Ongoing interaction

The player picks a plot of land and begins making money. A basic pizza (or biscuit base) is worth 25 money. The earned pay increments, to an aggregate of almost $500. A short time later, the player needs to structure a pizza put, with menu alternatives (Cheese pizza, Sausage pizza, Pepperoni pizza, Banana milkshake, chocolate milkshake, or strawberry milkshake). The player serves costumers as their territory acquires and more things.

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