Lunchtime Live stream Thursday with Jadiri Gamer MTGA

Lunchtime Live stream Thursday with Jadiri Gamer in magic the gathering arena on Fandomfare gaming, wow what a good day in the arena if you joined us you seen we unveiled our newest from scratch deck which for now seems to be doing well 6wins in a row.

were going to be making another test deck maybe I WILL DO IT LIVE SO like a lesson to some who were wondering how to build a deck from scratch and tweak some decks they have in there collection watch for that in a bit.

I hope you enjoyed The Thursday Lunch Live stream with Jadiri Gamer if so follow or like this facebook page and tell your friends. we do these lives every day 7 days a week there is the time we simply can’t but mostly every day including Saturday Night Live stream in MTGA which has become a regular thing here at Fandomfare gaming.

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